Some people are very superstitious while others believe that it is all a load of nonsense. Whether you believe in superstitions or not, it can still be interesting to find out the stories behind them. Some popular superstitions from all around the world are listed below.


Carry An Acorn To Stay Young

In Ancient Britain, omen would carry acorns around in their pockets to keep them looking young. This is because the oak tree is associated with warding off aging and ill health as the tree itself lives for so long. The acorn needs to be kept on your person which is why women chose to carry them around in their pockets at all times.

Never Give Gloves As A Gift

This superstition goes back to the Middle Ages when ladies used to give their gloves to knights as a favor. If you give gloves as a present you must receive something back from the person you give them to or it is believed that you will both have bad luck. It is also considered bad luck to pick up your own gloves if you drop them.

Eat Grapes At Midnight For Good Luck

This is a superstition that is very popular in Spain. When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve the Spanish will usually eat twelve grapes to bring them luck for the coming year. Many people will choose to do this rather than kissing others at midnight.

Tuck In Your Thumbs When You Walk Past A Graveyard

In Japan, people tuck in their thumbs whenever they visit a graveyard, or even when they are just walking past. This also applies if you see a hearse driving by. This is done to protect your parents from death. The Japanese word for thumb translates as parent finger and by hiding your thumbs you are protecting your parents.

Bird Poo On Your House Can Make You Rich

In Russia, bird poo is associated with wealth and so having poo on your house is considered good luck. It also works if a bird poos on your car or even on you. The more poo there is, the more luck will come your way and the richer you will be. The downside to this is that you could potentially be covered in bird poo.

Knocking On Wood

Many people are aware of the superstition of knocking or touching wood to avoid tempting fate. This superstition comes from the time when people would touch wood as they entered a church as they believed that this wood came from the cross that Christ was crucified on. Touching the wood brought them closer to Christ and brought good luck.

Throwing Salt Over The Shoulder

Spilling salt is said to be bad luck because the painting of the Last Supper shows that Judas has knocked over the salt. It is believed that when salt is spilled the devil will appear to tempt you into lying. Throwing the spilled salt over your left shoulder blinds the devil and keeps the bad luck away.