Stunning Facts Behind The Concept Of Geomancy!

The concept of geomancy has been in existence right from the beginning of time. The longer it stayed the stronger it has gotten into the hearts of the people. Though the concept of Geomancy is believed to have taken its roots from the Eastern world, even the western world seems to show no difference to it.  Let’s quickly take a glimpse at the origin of Geomancy.

Geomancy and Architecture

Origin of Geomancy:

The idea of Geomancy is believed to have reached mankind from the agents of the heavenly abode itself. Though it is believed to date as a myth, the history of geomancy is closely attached to this mythical story and same has been passed through generations. Idris, an Islamic prophet had a vision of angel Jibril in his dream. Angel Jibril is believed to have taught him the concept of Geomancy and the 16 figures that represent the principles around which geomancy revolves. Since then it is believed by most Islamic people that whoever masters the concept of Geomancy masters the skills of the prophet himself. This is the legend of Geomancy.

Math in Geomancy:

Each figure has four binary elements, which allows 16 different combinations. This set of 16 combinations is known as Tableau. The four binary elements are called the mothers of the charts. So there are 65536 ways in which a chart can be conceived. The sixteen figures are observed as the four Mothers, the four Daughters, the four Nieces, the Witness, the Judge and the Reconciler.

Geomancy and Architecture:

  • When Geomancy entered the field of Architecture the idea was to strike a balance between the measurements of the construction and nature. It is also said that by understanding the concepts of Geomancy one can understand the energies that control the Earth.
  • Geomancy seems to be like a Jargon and that is why the term divination was used for common understanding. Despite used in a lot of professional fields, the term is still believed to be a sacred craft and can tax the person who performs it.
  • A Geomancer should have complete knowledge about how the power of Cosmos is intertwined with anything that is erected on the surface of the earth.
  • Today these Geomancers work along with architects in designing and developing the building. It is also believed that these divination concepts can invoke the power source of the elements of earth. Geomancers can trace the source of water underground so accurately that they can even point the depth at which the source gets the life.
  • Geomancy also helps to achieve a balance with the materials used in the process of construction. The concept of Vastu that originated in India is closely related to the principles of Geomancy. Geomancy plays are a pivotal role in the constructing a building right from the planning stage.
  • The floor drawing is designed providing for all the principles of Geomancy. The location of rooms, kitchen, prayer space and backyard are all based on ideologies of Geomancy.
  • Though some stand away from the crowd saying that they do not believe in the concept of Geomancy and its impact, the power of Geomancy is not something that can be ignored.